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Computing Services
Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
Michigan State University
Biomedical Physical Sciences Bldg.
567 Wilson Road, Room 1209
East Lansing, MI 48824

Email:  pa-helpdesk@pa.msu.edu 
Helpdesk Phone: (517) 884-5460     FAX: (517) 353-4500

To obtain help in solving computer problems, register an account on http://helpdesk.pa.msu.edu/ and create a Helpdesk Case via the web interface. Once you've registered, you can use this helpdesk system account to submit cases from then, logging on with the same E-mail address and password.

It is best if you register using an E-mail address ending in "msu.edu", as then you will be allowed to use E-mail for follow-up messages instead of having to log into the web interface each time.

When submitting a computing helpdesk case, please provide as COMPLETE INFORMATION as possible about the nature and circumstances of the problem.

Note: the P-A helpdesk website is not highly secure - net traffic for user login and case submission & viewing is not encrypted. Don't use the same password you might use on other sites with higher security levels.

E-mail about problems sent to other addresses will automatically be lowered in priority relative to properly submitted helpdesk cases.

NOTE: P-A Computing does not control the BPS Building's "MSUNet" WiFi system. If you are having difficulty acquiring or maintaining a connection to that system, contact the MSU IT Services Helpdesk at 2-6200.