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MSU data has been HACKED
Article # 141 - Posted by Esther Reed on 2016-11-18 17:02:48
An MSU Database was hacked on 11/13/2016 exposing 400,000 records of staff and students, although to date only 449 were compromised. To determine if you are one of the affected individuals and to enroll in identity theft monitoring call 1-855-231-9331 or visit https://msu.allclearid.com.

Other information:


I have no technical information regarding what happened or what was compromised. If I get additional helpful information, I’ll pass it on.

~ Esther

Esther V. V. Reed
IT Systems Administrator
MSU Dept of Physics and Astronomy
Building Power Outage scheduled for Friday, August 19th - TODAY
Article # 140 - Posted by Esther Reed on 2016-08-19 06:28:52

The annual transfer switch and building generator test is scheduled for
TODAY, August 19th, at 9:30 AM.

ALL power in the building will go off at ~ 9:30 AM (plus or minus a few minutes) and be off for about 30 minutes. Only outlets, lights etc. that have emergency power from the building generators will be powered during that time.

Please remember that there will be no lights in the restrooms, landline phones will not work, but the access control systems should work. There will be no internet or network service, and the department computing resources (U: R: S: and printing) will not be available -- even if you have a laptop running on battery power.

Please plan your work accordingly. This is an opportunity to test how equipment reacts to a power failure. In order to prevent open files from being corrupted, we recommend that you shut down computing equipment prior to the test. Department servers have emergency power and should not be affected.


11 am - Done. Normal power has resumed in all areas of BPS.

P&A Exchange server maintenance today
Article # 138 - Posted by Esther Reed on 2016-07-15 11:39:07
Patches and updates will be applied to the PHY-AST Exchange servers today starting at ~11:45 AM. There will be NO email downtime.

For those of you with PHY-AST email accounts, if your email client reports “server connection lost”, simply retry what you’re doing and you will be able to instantly reconnect. For those of you who forward email from the PHY-AST servers, you will notice no interruption.

Please check this article for status updates. Thanks.
7/16/16 1:30 am - Done.
P-A email is UP
Article # 136 - Posted by Esther Reed on 2016-02-06 17:31:51
1:40 am 2/7/2016

P-A email was fully available at ~ 10 pm, and all final fixes are now in place. The problem was caused by a network issue on our old storage device that we are in the process of retiring.

*No* email was lost. Email that was sent, and failed to be delivered while email was down, will be automatically resent by the sender's servers.


5:30 pm 2/6/2016

P-A email is currently down. I am working on the problem, and do not currently have a time estimate when the problem will be fixed. Updates will be posted to this page as I get more information.

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