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P&A Exchange server maintenance today
Article # 116 - Posted by Esther Reed on 2015-01-15 09:31:47
Patches and updates will be applied to the PHY-AST Exchange servers today starting at ~9:40 AM. There will be NO email downtime.

For those of you with PHY-AST email accounts, if your email client reports “server connection lost”, simply retry what you’re doing and you will be able to instantly reconnect. For those of you who forward email from the PHY-AST servers, you will notice no interruption.

Please check this article for status updates. Thanks.
Done - 1:37 pm
P&A File Server Maintenance - Thursday 1/15/15 - 5:45 am
Article # 115 - Posted by Esther Reed on 2015-01-14 10:43:11
On Thursday, January 15, patches and updates will be applied to the Windows PHY-AST file servers (S-Drive and U-Drive) starting at 5:45 AM ET. This should be done by 7 AM ET.

Please check this article for the status. Thanks.
Done - 6:50 am
Status of P&A computer services - ALL services restored
Article # 114 - Posted by Esther Reed on 2014-12-26 17:55:31
9:15 am 1/5/15
All backups of Exchange email are now working correctly. This mean that all P&A services are now completely restored and working properly.

All problems (down services, down servers) were caused by a failure on our SAN storage unit which occurred shortly after midnight on 12/24/2014. As part of the recovery, I worked with engineers from the vendor to address and repair that issue. Our SAN storage unit is now working correctly. No data, email or servers were lost.

1:15 pm 12/31/14
Recovery work on Exchange is still underway, but there should be no email interruptions.

12:36 am 12/31/14
Server restarts are done. You may notice a slower performance over the next few hours while various maintenance tasks run.

4:55 pm 12/30/14
I will be restarting all Exchange servers at various times this evening as different fixes complete. There may be email interruptions and you may see error messages that OWA can't redirect or your client can't connect. Wait for 5 minutes and retry. I’ll keep these interruptions as brief as I can.

1:18 pm 12/30/14
All Exchange client access servers are now available. That means all of your devices should connect to P&A email the same way they did before the failure.

If you have difficulty getting any of your devices to resume their connection to P&A email, please submit a Helpdesk ticket by sending an email to pa-helpdesk@pa.msu.edu.

9:24 am 12/30/14
I am still recovering parts of our Exchange email servers today. Again, there should be no email interruptions, but we may need to restart them at various times -- just like yesterday. I will give you a 3 to 5 minute warning prior to any restarts.

10:45 am 12/29/14
Further work on the MS Exchange cluster is underway. In theory, there will be no email interruptions, but there may be. I’ll update this article when everything is done.

11:01 am 12/28/14

The first step is done. Exchange email is now available.
8:24 am 12/28/14

The time estimate for completion of the first step is four hours, not two hours.
7:45 am 12/28/14

I am beginning the next phase of Exchange recovery, and am taking down email intentionally for the first step. This should complete in two hours.

After that, I will bring email up, but interruptions in service may occur as work continues. I will update this article, and will send out an email once everything is done.

8:24 am 12/27/14

Here is the current service status for P&A:

Backups of Exchange email - DOWN
Printing - UP
Helpdesk - UP
Teaching file server - UP
Remote login access for teaching - UP

Recovery work is continuing. No time estimate is available when the remaining service will be restored.

7:50 pm 12/26/14

P&A VPN is UP and available.

The remaining services listed below are recovered, but are unavailable while system backups and maintenance are performed. No time estimate on service restoration.

5:45 pm 12/26/2014

The following services are currently down:

Backups of Exchange email
Teaching file server
Remote login access for teaching

Recovery work is underway. No time estimate is available when service will be restored.

I will post status updates here.

P&A Exchange Email is WORKING
Article # 113 - Posted by Esther Reed on 2014-12-25 01:36:48
1:30 AM, 12/25/2014

P&A Exchange email is now working, both from OWA (web access) and from the desktop clients. A backlog of email has built up, so it may take a small amount of time (30 minutes?) before you receive all expected emails.

WEB ACCESS: https://exchange.pa.msu.edu/owa should work. But if you have problems connecting, please try: https://challenger.pa.msu.edu/owa

All P&A files are available, but certain other Windows servers are still down. I will post updates as work proceeds.

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